Goals or Standards


Organize a writing so a reader can follow it from the opening sentence to closing paragraph without being confused.

--create a focus.

--provide a map.

--link paragraphs to each other.


Have something to say.

--write from experience.

--connect to others.

--soften biases.

--surprise the reader in expected directions.


Develop thoughts.

--understand relationship between general and particular.

--balance " too much evidence" with "not enough."

--use variety of modes: narration, persuasion, comparison, cause--effect…


Risk something.

--sacrifice self in the writing.

--recognize arbitrary nature of readers

--expect unanticipated reactions

--prepare to recover


Be politically savvy.

--keep a hand on the reader's pulse.

--recognize reader withdrawal

--stimulate reengagement


Be original.

--Say it differently.

--Use different vocabulary, metaphors, analogies.

--recognize stretch.


Seek advice.

--find a first and second reader.

--test understanding and reactions.

--change until  time runs out.

--proof final copy.


Create clean copy.

--format with latest technology.

--use readable print.

--keep uncluttered.

--appeal to all senses.




Practice all of the above; add:


Know style guides.

--use style required in appropriate discipline.

--get readers to referenced pages, publications.

--use both brief and extended quotations.

--acknowledge contributions.


Contribute new thought.

--know the original material and its critics.

--dare to go beyond what has already been said.

--keep it understandable and useful.

--offer content unconditionally.


Make thought vigorous.

--invent new arguments.

--go beyond established boundaries.

--become prophet, priest, and king.

--know when to shut up!


Publish what you write.

--use technology to distribute copy.

--know your readers.

--write both wanted and unwanted thinking.

--balance conservative and radical.


Seek to make a difference.

--know you are what you write.

--write what you are.

--anticipate failure and success.

--celebrate productivity.

--keep at it!


English Department Objectives for ENG108