Sample Papers

These papers received a range of grades from A to F. They are provided as sample documents for your use. All documents reflect the final editing provided by the students themselves.

Ashley Fetus and Drugs

Chris Muscle Mass

Darin MP3's

Derrick Global Warming

Annie Enforcing Gun Laws

Jackie Physician Assisted Suicide

Jamie B. Child Molesters

Jamie N. Increasing Violence

Jared Tiawan and China

Jean Globalism

Meghan Genome Research

Lori Beth Animal Abuse and Violence

Eric Stohl Napster

Preeti Patel Computer Science

Cody Flores Gas Prices

Wesley Sunderman Unemployment and Crime

Amin Vargha Children Who Murder

Amber Hoyle Epilepsy

Deetra Precher Acupuncture

Kevin Walsh Adoptees

Jeremy Lyons Media

Kim Bosson Uniforms

Kevin Messer Fibromyalgia

Takeena Weichel Supermodels

Bryan McKay Drugs

Laura Coy Children