ENG 108 Copyright© Jeanie C. Crain Revised 6/2000

Welcome to an intensive introduction to research writing. In this course, you are invited to think about an area, a subject, a topic about which you desire information. I will provide you with guidelines for analyzing, organizing, writing, and revising a paper structured on presenting what you have learned about your subject. 

What you have learned can be an arguable position with evidence presented, a recommendation with rationale, a central point learned with supporting evidence, a solution to a problem, a structured re-approach to a position held with rationale for why you have changed your mind. 

Your writing should reflect an intense desire to learn about your subject along with a clear pattern of research. If you have no interest in what you are writing, how can you expect your readers to care about the material you present? 

To help you write a more readable final document, I am providing you a process. You will have established deadlines for completing the four main steps of analyzing, organizing, writing, and revising; each contains additional sub-steps. You must show evidence of completing all steps and meeting all deadlines. You will keep a portfolio of evolving work, identifying and dating each step. Your most recent work will always appear first in the portfolio.

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