Chapter 1
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Student Reviews

Table 1.1 Jewish, Protestant, and Roman Catholic Bibles (Page 2)

Table 1.2 Summary of Apocryphal Books (Page 2)

Table 1.3 Christian Writings Composed by the First Third of the Second Century (Page 2)

Table 1.4 Documentary Source Theory (Page 16)

Table 1.5 Origins of the Bible according to Older Source Theory (Page 16)

Table 1.6 Ten Productive Questions (Page 7)

Table 1.7 Traditions of Interpretation with Reference to Genesis 4 (Page 15)

Table 1.8 Two Temple Periods (Page 18)

Table 1.9 Outline of Bible History (Page 19)

All Tables

Table 1.10 Names of God (See also Table 7.4)

Table 1.11 Chronology World, Herodian, Jewish

Table 1.12 Jesus' Chronology

Table 1.13 Translations