Chapter  4
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Student Reviews

Table 4.1  Four Hypotheses for Sources (Page 68)

Table 4.2  JEPD Hypothesis (Page 69)

Table 4.3  Sources Used in the Pentateuch (Page 74)

Table 4.4  Genres, Historical Setting, and Composition for Books of the Old Testament (Page 74)

 Alternative (accessed 2/15, 2010)

Table 4.5  Source Theory for the Synoptic Gospels (Page 69)

Table 4.6  Genres, Historical Setting, and Composition of Books of the New Testament (Page74)

Table 4.7  Two Accounts of Creation (Page 76)

Table 4.8  Views of Suffering and Death (Page 80)

Table 4.9  Job's Lament and God's Response (Page 80)

Table 4.10  How Others Have Regarded the Book of Job (Page 80)

Table 4.11 Examples of Parallelism (Page 85)

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