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Christ in Islam BY REV. JAMES ROBSON, M.A. 1929

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Ego Death and Self-Control Cybernetics

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Church History and Other Early Material JerusalemOnline – Daily Video News from Israel
ANF04. Fathers of the Third Century: Tertullian...

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 Ante-Nicene Fathers Volumn 9 Prior to 4th Century Nicene Creed New Testament Gateway
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Apollonius of Tyana Pompei Virtual Tour


Apollonius, Jesus and Paul Men or Myths Resource Page for Biblical Studies

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Dionysius the Areopagite: On the Divine Names a... A Guidebook to the Biblical Literature
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Early Christian Writings: Online Books Biblical poetry - Definition
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Early Church Fathers

Canon - Study Guide - The Art of Biblical Narra...
Early Church History 101 - second century apolo... Different kinds of Literature in the Bible Ame...
Early history of Christianity 170 to 590 CE Figures of Speech
Edersheim, Alfred

Frequently Asked Questions Who Wrote the Bible


Guidelines for Interpreting Biblical Narrative

Hall of Church History—The Church Fathers Hans Frei and the Meaning of Biblical Narrative
Introductory Note. Epictetus. 1909-14. The Gold... Hebrew Poetry
Lake, Kirsopp (1920) Landmarks in the History of Early Christianity Hebrew Poetry in the Bible
Mead, G.R.S. Fragments of a Faith Forgotten

Marcion, The Gospel of

Also Center for Marcionite Research

How Ancient Hebrew Poetry Works - Ancient Hebre... - Aristides the Apologist, Apology - - Athenagoras the Apologist, On th...

Introduction to the Poetics of Biblical Hebrew ...

More than a Biblical Critic: Alfred Loisy's Mod... Literary Encyclopedia The Bible as Literature
NPNF2-01. Eusebius Pamphilius: Church History, ...

MacroHistory World HistoryMajor poems of the Hebrew Bible at ... - Google...

Overview of early Christian history (30 to 300 CE) Literary Criticism

Motifs in Literature
Old Testament Parables

Philo: Preface

Putting Together Biblical Narrative
Philologos | The Apocalypse by E.W. Bullinger |... sansblogue Biblical Narrative A One Paragraph S...
Plato SBL Publications
Simon Magus Antioch and Rome: New Testament ... - Google Books Stephen L. Harris Author of Understanding the ...
The Apology of Aristides the Philosopher Story Structures in Biblical Narratives

VI. To Attius Clemens. Pliny the Younger. 1909-...

40 Theologians

The Art of Biblical Narrative - Google Book Search
Books of the Bible The Bible (Bloom's Modern Critical Views) by Ha...

A Sample Biblical Narrative The Story of Ruth

Books of Bible

The Eclipse of Biblical Narrative
Deuteronomy The Key to Biblical Poetry
Genesis Lecture Outline  
genesis Reliability of Text, Outlines and Genea...  
Hasel, G. F. --- Chronogenealogies of Genesis 5...

Jesus Related

Introduction to the New Testament

Ancient Jewish Accounts of Jesus
Albert Barnes  -  (1798 - 1870) , American theologian

Biblos Life of Jesus Texts BBC Christianity Jesus

Brevard Childs on The Elusive, Historical Paul ... Do Any First Century Historians Mention the Jes...
Louis Berkhof (1944) From Jesus to Christ
NIV Study Bible Introductions Historical Jesus Theories

  St Paul - History, Biblical Epistles, Gnosticis... Historicity of Jesus
  Synopsis Four Color Did Jesus Live

Synoptic Five Gospel Parallels

Into His Own Perspectives on the World of Jesus
 Synoptic Gospel Parallel Jesus, a historical reconstruction historical J...
Synoptic Gospel Parallels Kurt Aland, 13th edition (Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, 1985). Remsberg
Synoptic Harmony Crucifixion  Scourging and Crucifixion Harmony Qu'ran Crucifixion Chronology Renan The Life of Jesus
Synoptic Primer Index
Straus, Life of Jesus
Synoptic Problem

The Christ by John E. Remsberg (Front Matter)

The Development of the Canon of the New Testame...
New Testament Canon
The Jefferson Bible (The Life & Morals of Jesus...

The Formation of the New Testament Canon

Keathley New Testament Survey

Grant Historical Introduction New Testament


Michael Turton Historical Commentary on the Gospel of Mark

William Loader

Several New Testament Introductions Lectures and Video

Constable (requires right click and download)

Robert Kraft The Joshua-Messiah Tradition

Millar Burrows, Jesus in the First Three Gospels (PDF, abridged)

Millar Burrows, Jesus in the First Three Gospels
Old Testament The Quest of the Historical Jesus by Albert Sch...
Bible, English, King James, Documentary Hypothe...

Early Jewish Writings

Who was Jesus  

Messiah-Joshua Tradition


Bible, English, King James, Documentary Hypothe...

Lands and People of the Bible

Concise Old Testament Survey J. Hampton Keathley, 1998

Hittites Seven Nations Surrounding Israel Map of Seven Nations
Edersheim Bible History Old Testament Akkadian Perrizzites
Gerald A. Larue (1968) Old Testament Life and Literature Amorites Jewish Encyclopedia Philistines Jewish Virtual Library Catholic Encyclopedia
jedp Sources in the Pentateuch Table of Nations 2Table of Nations  Jewish Virtual Library
JEDP Methodology Literary analysis of Genesis d... Ammonites Jebusites - DEUTERONOMY - GENEALOGY.
McFadyen Introduction to the Old Testament
Miriam's Song
Old Testament Book Studies Sites Gallery

On-Line Texts Related to Biblical Study Old Tes...

Oxford History of Biblical World
Shea, W. H. --- The Structure of the Genesis Fl...
Sons of Zadok 

The Triple Tradition of the Exodus ... - Google...

The View from Mount Nebo

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