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Overview of Genesis

bulletStructure of Genesis
bulletSeven Great Individuals
bulletGenesis and Apocalypse
bulletGenesis and History
bulletGenesis and Genealogy
bulletHebrew Age Tradition

Structure of Genesis

bulletPrimeval History (i-xi)

Four Events

Creation-Ch. 1 & 2

Fall-Ch. 3

Flood-Ch. 7

Babel-Ch. 11

Patriarchal History

bulletAbraham ( call), Ch. 12
bulletIsaac (birth), Ch. 21
bulletJacob (care), Ch. 25
bulletJoseph (control), Ch. 35

Seven Great Individuals

bulletAbel-- desire (worshipper) -Ch. 4
bulletEnoch-choice (walker) -Ch. 5
bulletNoah-renewal (worker) -Ch. 5
bulletAbraham-faith (wanderer) -Ch. 12
bulletIsaac-son ship (watcher) -Ch. 21
bulletJacob-service (wrestler) - Ch. 25
bulletJoseph-suffering and glory (waiter) - Ch. 35

Genesis and Apocalypse


bulletNew Beginning
bulletNew Order
bulletTree of Life
bulletWalk of God
bulletEden Ideal (Garden/City)

Genesis and Apocalypse


bulletParadise Closed/Paradise Opened
bulletCurse imposed/Curse Removed
bulletAccess to Tree of Life Disinherited/Access to Tree Reinherited
bulletBeginning of Sorrow and Death/End of Sorrow and Death

Genesis and History

"In the beginning, God": Testimony

bulletEarth, spinning in universe some billion years
bulletHumankind, some million years ago

History--Early Existence

bulletPaleolithic or Old Stone Age--up to 10,000 BCE; beginning some 500,000 years ago?
bulletNeolithic or New Stone Age--12,000 years ago
bulletAge of Metals, Copper, Bronze and Iron-some 5,000 years ago

History--Early Civilizations

bulletSumerians-2500 BCE
bulletBabylonian Dynasty-1800 BCE
bulletEgyptian Pyramids-2650-2500 BCE
bulletSemitic Tribes filling Syria-Palestine 2500 BCE

Approximate Archeological Periods

bulletChalcolithic 4000-3150 BCE Prehistory
bulletEarly Bronze 3150-2200 BCE Early Canaanites
bulletMiddle Bronze 2250-1500 BCE Patriarchs
bulletLate Bronze 1550-1200 BCE Egypt, Exodus, Judges
bulletIron Age I 1200-1000 BCE Late Judges, Samuel, Saul

Approximate Archeological Periods

bulletIron Age II 1000-900 BCE Monarchy
bulletIron Age II 900-720 BCE Divided Monarchy, Fall Samaria
bulletIron Age III 720-587 BCE Judah
bulletBabylonian and Persian 587-300 BCE Exile/Post-Exilic
bulletHellenistic 330-63 BCE Maccabees
bulletRoman-Islamic 63 BC-70 AD

Genesis and Genealogy

Sixty Generations (six tens) from Adam

bulletBoaz (married Gentile Ruth)
bulletUzziah (royal line of Judah)
bulletJoseph (Mary)

Hebrew Age Tradition

bulletAdam to Noah (900-1000)
bulletNoah to Abraham (200-600)
bulletPatriarchs (100-200)
bulletNormal three-score years and ten

Creation in Genesis

Genesis 1 Genesis 2

bulletGod, Creator God, Covenant-keeper
bulletElohim Yahweh
bulletGod, powerful God, personal
bulletCreation universe Creation man
bulletClimax man Climax marriage
bulletSix days Sixth day

Six Days of Creation

bulletfirst 3 days second 3 days
bulletGod shaped creation God populated creation
bulletDay 1 light Day 4-sun, moon, stars
bulletDay 2 water, atmosphere Day 5-sea, creatures, birds
bulletDay 3-earth, vegetation Day 6-animals

Abrahamic Covenant

bulletGenesis 12:1-3 God initiated covenant with Abraham (Ur of the Chaldeans) promising land, descendents, blessing.
bulletGenesis 12: 4, 5 Abram went with his family to Haran, lived there for a time, and left at 75.
bulletGenesis 13:14-17 After Lot separated from Abram, God again promised the land to him and his descendents.

Abrahamic Covenant Continued

bulletGenesis 15:1-21 Covenant was ratified when God passed between the sacrificial animals Abram laid before God.
bulletGenesis 17:1-27 When Abram was 99, God renewed his covenant, changing his name to Abraham (father of a multitude), initiating circumcision as the sign of the covenant.
bulletGenesis 22:15-18 Confirmation of the covenant due to Abrahamís obedience.

Related Covenants

bulletDeut. 30:1-10 Palestinian Covenant--promise of land
bullet2 Sam 7:12-16 Davidic Covenant--promise of kingly descendents
bulletEx 19:3-6, Jer 31;31-40 "Old" and "New"