Joshua: Mighty Warrior


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Table of Contents

Joshua: Mighty Warrior


Major Divisions: Invasion and Conquest in the South

Major Divisions: Conquest in the North

“Arise: Go Over this Jordan.” 1.2

Promise Fulfilled and Seen



Joshua’s Address 1.10-18

Invasion of the Land

Crossing the Jordan

Israel at Gilgal

Fall of Jericho 6

Israel breaks faith

Gibeonites and Sun Standing Still 9-10

Conquest of the North 11-12

Part of Canaan Unconquered 13; allotment to tribes 13-22

Cities of Refuge 20 Dt. 19.1-13

Reubenites, Gadites, and Manasseh return west of Jordan 22

Joshua’s Farewell Address and Death 23-22

Covenant Renewal

Author: Dr. Crain


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