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Judges: the Stuff of Epics

Moral: loyalty to God = success; disloyalty = disaster (Dt. 28)

Individualism and Heroism


(Joshua: era of successes)


"In those days, there was no king in Israel."

1. Othniel 3.7-11

2. Ehud 3.12-30

3. Shamgar 3.31

(Philistines--a non-semitic people probably from Crete; settle on coastal plain about the same time the Hebrews enter Canaan.)

4. Deborah 4-5

Deborahís Song

5. Gideon 6-8

Gideon Refuses Rule 8.23

Gideon: Father of Seventy--and Abimelech

6. Abimelech: Rule of Seventy or One? 9

Treacherous Rebellion

King Killed by a Woman

7 and 8. Two Minor Judges 10. 1-5
Civil Judges

9. Jepthah 10.6-12.7

10, 11, 12 Three Minor Judges 12.8-15

13. Sampson 13-17

Spirit of God

Reverse Golden Rule

Micah Builds a Shrine

Israel Wars with its Own

Hot Anger and Vengeance

Familiar Refrain

"In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did what was right in his own eyes." 21.25


Canaanite Religion

Baals and Ashtaroth


Nations Fought