UpB. W. Johnson Bible Basics
Mark Copeland Reggie Kidd
Daniel B. Wallace Philip Pope

1. B. W. Johnson  The People's Bible



Introduction to Ephesians.
Chapter I: The Foreordination of the Church.
Chapter II: The Church Redeemed in Christ.
Chapter III: Paul's Office As Apostle to the Gentiles.
Chapter IV: The Unity of the Church.
Chapter V: Duties Which Become the Children of God.
Chapter VI: The Christian Warfare

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2. Mark Copeland A Study Guide

Outlines of each chapter

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3. Daniel B. Wallace http://www.bible.org/docs/soapbox/epohl.htm

III. Outline

I. Salutation (1:1-2)

II. The Unity of the Church Positionally (1:3Ė3:21)

A. Theological Preface: Why God is Blessed and Should be Praised (1:3-14)

1. The Father Elected Believers in Eternity Past (1:3-6)

2. The Son Redeemed Believers in the Historical Past (1:7-12)

3. The Spirit Sealed Believers in their Personal Past (1:13-14)

B. Prayer for Knowledge: To Understand the Churchís Positional Unity (1:15-23)

1. The Content of the Prayer (1:15-19)

2. The Immensity of Godís Resources (1:20-23)

C. Vertical (Man to God) and Individual Reconciliation (2:1-10)

1. The Individual Believerís Former State (2:1-3)

2. The Individual Believerís Present State (2:4-10)

D. Horizontal (Jew to Gentile) and Corporate Reconciliation (2:11-22)

1. The Gentilesí Former State: Isolation (2:11-13)

2. The Gentile Believersí Present State: Incorporation into a New Spiritual Community (2:14-22)

a. The Peace which Christ Accomplished in His Death (2:14-18)

b. The Foundation which Christ Laid through His Apostles (2:19-22)

E. Paulís Relation to the Mystery of this New Spiritual Community (3:1-13)

1. The Content of the Mystery Revealed to Paul (3:1-7)

2. The Wisdom of the Mystery Revealed to Angelic Beings (3:8-13)

F. Prayer for Love: To Maintain the Churchís Practical Unity (3:14-21)

1. The Content of the Prayer (3:14-19)

2. The Immensity of Godís Resources (3:20-21)

III. The Unity of the Church Practically (4:1Ė6:20)

A. Maintaining Unity through Diversity (4:1-16)

1. Maintaining the Unity (4:1-6)

2. The Diversity of Spiritual Gifts in Contributing toward Unity (4:7-16)

B. Morality and Members of Each Other (4:17-32)

1. Morality and the Former Lifestyle (4:17-24)

a. Negative Example: Pagans (4:17-19)

b. Positive Basis: Death of the ďOld ManĒ (4:20-24)

2. Morality and the Present Life in Christ (4:25-32)

C. The Believerís Relation to Unbelievers (5:1-14)

1. Do Not Conform to their Sinfulness (5:1-7)

2. Confront them with the Gospel (5:8-14)

D. The Believerís Relation to the Spirit (5:15-6:9)

1. The Admonition for Spirit-Filling (5:15-21)

2. The Test of Spirit-Filling: The Believerís Relation to the Extended Family (5:22Ė6:9)

a. Wives and Husbands (5:22-33)

b. Children and Parents (6:1-4)

c. Slaves and Masters (6:5-9)

E. The Believerís Present Relation to Satan: Spiritual Warfare (6:10-20)

IV. Final Greetings (6:21-24)

A. The Commendation of Tychicus (6:21-22)

B. The Benediction (6:23-24)

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4. Bible Basic




Salutation: 1:1-2
Liturgical Preface, Hymn, Thanksgiving 1:3-23
Christian Life, Ethics, Morality, Christian Household, Strength in the Lord 4:1 - 6:20
Of special note:
The Armor of God 6:10-17
Conclusion and closing 6:21-24

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5.  Perspectival Outlines of the Epistle to the Ephesians

Dr. Reggie Kidd


The Standards of Community Life in the Church
The Complete Work of God: Adoption, Redemption, and Empowerment of the Saints
From Death to Life: The Unified Church is the Living Temple of God
The Nurturing of the New Humanity: The Militant, Vigilant Bride of Christ
Applying The Standards of Community to Life in the Church
Be Aware of Your Spiritual Heritage and Vast Spiritual Resource
Live a New and Dignified Life
Follow the Leader
The Saint And Christian Community
An Intense Knowledge of Love and Power in Christ
A Renewed Mind after the Image of God
Vigilence against the Oppressive Powers of Darkness
Diachronic Overview
Christ, the Reigning Head of the Church
The Hope of Inheritance for the Church Being Built

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5. Philip Pope

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6.Outline and Comparison of Ephesians to Colossians http://jesusaves.com/bible/ephesians.html