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Bible Studies by Jeanie Crain (All studies are ongoing and will be revised from time to time; some links may have become inactive.)

 Mark, Jonah, Revelation, Ephesians,Colossians, John

Jesus of Nazareth

Voices for the Supernatural and Revealed Word of God: John William Burgon and Geerhardus Vos

The Messiah Has Done It: A Structural Approach to Mark

Wolter on Paul's Theology: A Review

Papers on Mark

God's Unlikely Chosen

A Prophet's Call

Back to Galilee: A Study of the Gospel of Mark (A Review of Critical Approaches)

Course Related

Reading the Bible as Literature: an Introduction (Cambridge: Polity Press, 2010) web page to accompany book.

Supplementary Page for Reading the Bible as Literature: An Introduction ( published by Polity Press 2010)

Word Bible as Literature Text

Bible Study Outlines

Web Bible Studies in PDF (Digitally signed, still undergoing changes and corrections)

Mark(1.23 MB), Jonah (196KB),Revelation (1.41 MB), Ephesians 495 KB), Colossians (396 KB),


Bible as Literature (944 KB)



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Jeanie C. Crain
Ph.D., M.A. English and Philosophy, Purdue University
M.S.A. Management, Georgia College
B.A. English, Berry College
Ph.D. Biblical Studies, Newburgh Theological Seminary